Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's Saturday and so quiet in the library today. It was quiet yesterday too but I was exhausted from the week I had to take a few naps before I felt like my dragon self. This past week was short but really busy. End of quarter, everyone getting there AR test done. The computers decided not to print the TOPS reports. It was pretty wild. I watched the students and I'll say they handled themselves really well. Everyone was patience while Mrs. Porter printed the TOPS report. I could tell she was pleased with how you acted.
Now that we have had a few days off and are all relaxed.
It's time to find the books to read to make our AR goals. I like the saying "So many books, so little time".
I have a few book reviews here in my blog to help you find a book. Mrs. Porter can help you too. If you don't find a book in our library there is a link to the Paynesville library in the links section. What's great about the Paynesville library is that they can get you any book you want through the inter loan library system. See a book at the book store, school library doesn't have it, you probably get it through the inter loan system. I use it all the time. Boy, does it save on the money. Ask Mrs. Porter or Ms. Nevitt and they can explain it. I know if you ask at the library in town they'd be happy to help you out.
Now, get reading. Your last quarter for the year has started.