Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hi, I’m Dewey Stacks. I took this name because in my language, which is dragon, I found that humans couldn’t pronounce it. So given where I live I figured the name Dewey Stacks fits. Let me give you a quick history about me.
You probably have seen me. I usually lay on the counter in the Paynesville, MN. middle school library. If you haven’t seen me, where have you been? I lay and watch the comings and goings in the library. Sometimes I pretend to be a spy dragon.
I’m handsome for a dragon, if I say so myself. Only one thing about me that is different from my peers is my wings. My body kept growing but my wings stayed small. This makes flying difficult for me. I just get enough lift to take very short flights. Since I'm only able to do short flights I can’t make it to the high caves where my family and friends live. My mode of transportation is slithering. I do that well.
The reason I live here in the library is my parents feel it’s a safe place for me. Don’t feel bad for me. My parents and friends stop by and visit. We have a great place to gather when the school is empty. We hang out in the courtyard right outside the library doors. P.S. keep this our secert.
My friends and I talk about dragon stuff, such as which one has started breathing fire, which one is having scale problems. We also talk about books. As you can imagine living here in the library I have access to a lot of books. My friends and I review books we have read. I developed a dragon scale of 1 to 5 to rate the books, 5 being the most awesome read.
When the building is empty I slither through the shelves and check out the books and read what looks interesting.
I’ll let you in on a secret. When I read I like to munch. I slither over to the vending machines and get myself a Snickers bar. My favorite. I do have to be careful because too many Snickers make getting into the vents tight. I use the vents to get around the building and check out what’s happening. I go into the high school library and slither around the shelves to see what books I might want to read there. I go over to the gym and watch a game. When there is something going on in the auditorium I make sure to make it there. I’ve seen some great things while out for a slither.
I started this blog because I really want to talk about books I’ve read. Since I use a rating scale with my friends I can use it here too.
Hey, I just had a light bulb moment. You can email me about a book you have read and give it how many scales you think it deserves. I can post it here.
Now I have to tell you I’m really excited about this idea. Remember the email must pertain to a book. I may be a dragon with scales and thick skin but my feelings can be hurt just like yours. Respect will always be used by you and by me.
I’ll keep posting, you keep checking.