Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time Tripper - YesterMorrow

This book is about Harry Keller an average High school student. Who can go into another dimension called A-time. Well I guess he's not so average. In A-time Harry can view people time lines, the past, present, and future of people depending on the choices they make

Everything is going great in A-time when he discovers creatures that he calls Quirks. Quirks are bad events in time that try to force their way into people's time lines. Most of the unfortunate events are minor for instance, drop your mail or have a cramp in your leg but Harry finds a huge Quirk, a suicidal Quirk on Todd Penderwhistle's future time line. On top of all of this, Harry is faced with a huge conflict in his own life- the same boy, Todd threatened to kill Harry earlier that morning. Harry is faced with a decision- Will he use his power to save his enemy Todd, or just say "Well that's too bad for him."
The author, Stefan Petrucha (who has written many popular books including some of the Nancy Drew series) does a phenomenal job of story telling what otherwise could have been a confusing A- Time.
This book is not in the middle school library. It can be found at the Paynesville Public Library.
4 Scales
AR 4.7, 7 points