Saturday, March 29, 2008

Popcorn and Pop

Last night (Friday). I was laying on the counter reading and I heard music floating through the air. Being the exceptional dragon that I am, my hearing is great. Anyway, I heard the music and I had to investigate. I shimmied into the nearest vent. Now it was a tight squeeze because I've been hitting the Snicker bars pretty hard lately. I slithered around school following the music. It brought me to the auditorium. I found the Popcorn and Pops concert. Found a vent with a view and made myself comfortable. The 4th and 5th grade Prelude singers were there. The 6th grade choir and even some of the high school choir members. The concert was a success. I liked the songs. Some of the kids were singing and dancing. The fourth grade kids got up there with their recorders and did a great job. As I listened my tail was tapping.

The concert also was a fundraiser for the local food shelf. I took a peek at the stuff the people donated. All I can say is, Wow.

The popcorn and pop after the concert looked good but since I'm fitting in the vents pretty tight I figured I'd better skip the refreshments this time around.

The concert was brilliant. Mrs. Strand and Mrs. Bungum, hats off to you for your fine job.

To all - Bravo!